Six things the Naturist Paradise parlour is excited for in 2019

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Six things the Naturist Paradise parlour is excited for in 2019

Just like that boys, we are in 2019! However, here at Naturist Paradise there’s no time to be stricken with the January blues as we have LOADS to be excited about. The New Year brings in new and enticing changes for the business, our masseuses and of course you, our lovely clients. As the parlour manager I can’t wait to inform you of what we have in store for 2019, so allow me to tell you more!

1. More parlours!

Since we opened our first erotic massage parlour in Marylebone in 2012 our company has grown in strength to strength, therefore we took the obvious decision to open a sister parlour in the plush Kensington area. However, it was proving difficult to cater for all of our loyal clientele at just two parlours, therefore due to popular demand we are setting up a further three parlours across Central London. And we aren’t opening just anywhere, we have listened to our clients to see just where a parlour would suit them. Liverpool Street, Canary Wharf and Soho proved to be the most popular and with the premises found, we aim to have these erotic massage parlours up and running before the spring. Keep your eyes peeled!

2. Lots of girls!

With more salons in operation, it’s only fitting that we recruited more erotic masseuses to work for us. And we haven’t done it by halves. In November 2018, My managerial team and I undertook a business trip to Asia to recruit the best therapists in the business. We visited the most elite massage training schools in China, Japan and Korea to hand-pick some of the best Tantra graduates the world has to offer. Not only are they insanely talented with their hands, but they’re also a feast for the eyes too. When these gorgeous girls aren’t massaging you can often find them doing modelling campaigns and beauty pageants. We are currently in the process of arranging a photoshoot for each of our new masseuses and aim to have them on our website very soon.

3. Walk-in showers and Jacuzzi baths!

As the parlour manager I always make an effort to listen the clients and when they said they wanted walk-in showers and Jacuzzi I jumped at the chance. We therefore sought a high-end renovation team in London to place luxurious en-suite facilities in each of our treatment rooms. Clients are able to use our showers and Jacuzzis completely free of charge before or after their erotic massage. For just £20 extra can invite their masseuse to assist with their bathing experience, which proves to be a delicious starter and dessert to our sessions. Soaps, towels and lotions are complimentary when you book a session with us.

4. King-sized beds!

Body to body, Nuru, Tantric, it’s fair to say our erotic massage styles do get a little frisky. To make the most of your hot and steamy session it’s important you have a lot of space so you and your erotic masseuse can try out new exciting techniques and positions. Therefore we have decided to purchase new King-sized beds in each and every one of our treatment rooms. You’ll probably mistake them for a plush five-star hotel!

5. Extended outcall service!

Over the years we have been operating we have noticed that the majority of our clientele are respective businessmen, who maybe native to London or on business from overseas. Many of these businessmen often travel from Heathrow Airport and have expressed their interest in us offering an outcall service to Heathrow. We therefore have listened to demand and now as of January, operate mobile-visits to all hotels and apartments in the Heathrow and Hounslow area. Clients are welcome to book a massage with us to de-stress after a long-haul flight or before they board their plane. Heathrow outcall is available from just £180, with travel time being around one hour long.

6. Additional opening hours!

Here at Naturist Paradise we understand that clients want erotic massage at various times of day, whether that being to kick-start their day, on their lunch break or after-dark. We therefore have decided to extend our opening hours to 3am, seven days a week – which will operate for all parlours, as well as outcall visits. Therefore if you find yourself working late why not just pay us a visit for a much-needed treat?

2019 brings SO many positive changes to Naturist Paradise and it wouldn’t be possible without YOU lovely guys, we can’t thank you enough. If you’re late at making your New Year’s resolutions this year then why not make it to book more erotic massage with us? You’ll certainly never regret it!


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