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About erotic massage

Although the phrase “erotic massage” may be recent or new to your knowledge, this special type of massage therapy has a deep and rich history, dating back to the 17th century. Although it has developed and changed in many ways over the centuries, it still provides its main purpose of pleasuring and pleasing the client in all of the right ways!

What is an erotic massage?

For those of you who may not know, an erotic massage is essentially a full body to body massage that is performed while both participants are fully naked. The masseuse uses her hands; mouth and the curves of her physique to rub against the customers, creating relieve and pleasure at the same time. The intimate nature of an erotic massage is highly arousing, and the aim is to not only create a state of relaxation but to help the customer reach climax.
Erotic massage therapy has its origins in Tantra, using many of the same techniques and methods to help create intense levels of pleasure and euphoria not only physically but also mentally. Using strokes, rubs, caresses and other forms of sensual touch, the customer will experience rushes of bliss throughout their mind, body and soul. Erotic massage therapy has ancient origins in India, Egypt, Greece and the Far East. It has been used in many cultures for centuries, before making its way to the western world.

Different reasons erotic massage therapy is used …

Pleasure – The word “erotic” makes the nature of an erotic massage quite obvious, therefore it comes as no surprise that many clients seek this massage style purely for pleasure. Incorporating hand relief, oral and intercourse into a full body to body massage makes it a very sensual and arousing experience for the customer, helping you to reach climax. However, erotic massages are known for taking you on a journey of pleasure, providing intense orgasmic feelings from start to finish.

Reduce anxiety or stress levels – Similar to more traditional therapeutic massage styles such as a sports massage or Swedish massage, erotic massage therapy uses techniques that help to soothe and relax the customer. The masseuse will use her hands to relieve any feelings of muscle pain or tension, helping you to feel at ease. This feeling of calmness will help you release any negative energy or feelings of stress and anxiety, as well as releasing endorphins that will make you feel better.

Helps with impotence – Whether you are experiencing trouble achieving an erection or staying erect, erotic massage therapy is known for helping men to overcome impotence. We understand that this can cause embarrassment and awkwardness in your sex life or cause stress in your relationships, which is why we suggest erotic massage therapy. The relaxing atmosphere combined with sensual touching and caressing helps you to build up your arousal and maintain it.

Helps with premature ejaculation – Many men suffer from premature ejaculation which can often cause feelings of embarrassment and shame. However, erotic massage therapy is often used to help men build their stamina and to find a technique which enables them to last longer when being intimate.

Helps with intimacy issues – Being intimate with another person can be a very daunting and nerve wrecking experience, especially if it is something that you are not familiar with or if you have suffered from past trauma. However, intimacy is often essential in building healthy and close relationships, therefore erotic massage therapy can help you overcome this issue. The masseuse ensures that the session is catered to match your individual needs and desires and will never pass any judgement; therefore you can fully relax and be at ease throughout your massage. Erotic massage therapy can help boost your confident and low self-esteem.

Physical pain – Like other types of massage therapy, erotic massage can be used to help reduce muscle pain or joint discomfort, as well as releasing tension. However, of course this is all done with a special erotic twist. Many men opt for erotic massage therapy instead of sports massage as they offer an extra kick. While it can be quite painful having pain or tension relieved, the pleasure you experience during an erotic massage session overrides it and leaves you feeling calm and satisfied.

It is clear that erotic massage therapy has only become more loved and popular as the centuries have went on. It is a unique massage style that offers men a relaxing experience with a unique twist. Read more about erotic massage in London here.



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