Stories of a sensual masseuse – My Experience with the Incel Community

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Stories of a sensual masseuse – My Experience with the Incel Community

I worked as a sensual masseuse in London to fund my way through university and trust me when I say that I was met with both the weird and the wonderful. However, no matter what I always took great pride in my work and although people have their negative prejudices about women who work in this sensual massage industry, I wouldn’t have been able to get my degree as a social worker, buy my first apartment or travelled around Europe otherwise.

I worked for a small Asian massage parlour based in London that was very safe and well respected by our customers. I had a great relationship with by boss, as well as the other masseuses who worked there.

Each day I would greet a new face through the massage parlour doors. Massage clients from across the globe would use my sensual services and it was nice meeting so many guys from all different walks of life. However, after a while I started to sub group the men into different categories. There was the high-end corporate men who were visiting London on business, the unhappily married men who are too scared to leave their wives, the older men who were old enough to be my grandfather, the young and inexperienced who were nervous but polite and then the “incels.”

I always tried to be open and non-judgemental towards my customers. It wasn’t my business why they were seeking my massage services after all. I was there to provide them with a relaxing and pleasurable massage experience in a welcoming environment. However, I always expected the same level of respect and decency in return which was not the case on any occasion when I had an appointment with a man who identified as himself as an “incel.”



What is an incel?

Incels are self-identifying involuntary celibates “who believe that social liberalism, feminism, and more sexually active men (“Chads”) are to blame for their lack of sex with women.”

Many of the men who identified as “incels” and booked an appointment had an heir of entitlement about them, speaking to me as if I was a mere object rather than a worker. To make my customers feel comfortable I often make conversation with them, asking them how their day was or what they have been up to and many of the incel men seemed to have the same patterns of spending most of their day online or by themselves. Many of them also talked to me about failed relationships, either romantically or with their mothers, which often left them feeling damaged or not trusting of women.

“These three “incel” shooters—and some members of the online community of which they are a part—espouse attitudes long studied by gender scholars: hostile sexism, masculinity threat, gender role stress, and toxic masculinity. Decades of research has linked such attitudes to a host of negative outcomes, such as rape proclivity, intimate partner violence, and substance use among men” Many incel men describe themselves as involuntary celibates, which is why they often seek the services of a sex worker or sensual masseuses, however we cannot help these men overcome their misogynist and angry views towards females.

What do they want from sensual masseuses?

Many people believe that it us up to sex workers or sensual masseuses and their sensual massage services to help appease the sexual needs and desires of the incel community to ensure they do not commit mass violence . “In the wake of the Toronto van attack in April, George Mason University economist Robin Hanson mused that “that those with much less access to sex suffer to a similar degree as those with low income,” and that, in the same way that income redistribution is used to remedy income inequality, a redistribution of sex might tend to the needs of the undersexed. In a column that sparked a great deal of ire, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat extrapolated on Hanson’s idea, envisioning a potential world where sex workers and sexbots are on hand to “redistribute” sex to horny, lonely men; satiating their libidos and, presumably, preventing their horniness from mutating into uncontrollable rage and mass violence, à la the Toronto van attacker and the Santa Barbara shooter.”

We must understand that incels are not just looking for sexual relations, they are more interested in having power or authority over someone they deem weaker than themselves. They feel like outcasts in society who live in the shadow of more masculine men, which is why they prey on sex workers.

As an oriental erotic masseuse I always enjoy helping men through my services; however it is difficult to help those who do not respect women or the industry. But if you feel that an Asian sensual massage in London would help you (and I’m sure it would), do not hesitate to book it. We are happy to help.


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