Five benefits you probably didn’t know about sensual massage

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Five benefits you probably didn’t know about sensual massage

The world surrounding sensual massage is often regarded as a taboo subject, but we’re here to open your eyes around this fabulous bodywork. Sensual massage has many benefits and is often considered a key ingredient to keeping in check of your well-being maintenance. It’s much more than just ‘getting your end away’. Here are five things you probably didn’t know about sensual massage..

1. It’s good for your heart

Let’s be honest, a healthy heart is the key to longer life – so it’s important to keep our heart in good nick if we want to get a letter off the queen. The soothing strokes of sensual massage steadies the oxygen and blood circulation around the body, which means all of your organs, including your heart, is getting just the amount of oxygen and blood it needs. Over consecutive sensual massage sessions, your heart function will rapidly improve.

2. It boosts the immune system

If you’re fed up of taking sick days, then sensual massage can greatly help you out. When massaged with long effleurage strokes, the body produces extra white blood cells. White blood cells are known by doctors to boost the body’s immune system. Therefore, the more times you have a sensual massage, the stronger the body’s immune system will be – which ultimately decreases the chances of you getting ill.

3. It decreases your aches and pains

Let’s be honest that with age, we do start to endure the odd niggle. Back ache, shoulder and hip pain are just a few to name that we see to take over our body when reach 50. If you’re tired of over-the-counter medicines not helping your aches, you should definitely consider sensual massage as an alternative or complimentary treatment. When sensual massaged, the body triggers a rush of endorphins to the central nervous system (the brain). The endorphins mask the pain signals, ultimately giving you rewarding relief. Many GPs often informally call endorphins the body’s natural painkiller, which just goes to show how amazing sensual massage is for pain relief.

4. It boosts your quality of sleep

Lack of sleep can affect us in many ways, with some of these being making us irritable, lethargic and unmotivated to fulfil our daily tasks. The good news is that sensual massage is a natural remedy to boosting your quality of sleep. Slow and soothing strokes of sensual massage boosts the body’s serotonin levels, which are known as a vital component for catching them extras zzzzs. Furthermore, sensual strokes are insanely relaxing to your whole body and mind, which is the perfect preparation for getting a good night’s sleep. If you’re seeking sensual massage due to sleep deprivation you may want to book the massage in the evening time, when you have the chance to unwind straight after the appointment. This allows the benefits to stay with you rather than being undone.

5. It takes away all of your stresses

There are so many reasons we endure stress, with some of these being money worries, relationship troubles or health problems. While a large glass of wine may help to cope with stress, it isn’t going to take it away – this is when sensual massage can work wonders. When we are stressed, cortisol builds in the neck, back and shoulders – causing our body to endure unwanted tension. When sensual massaging, the therapists are able to knead out the cortisol and provide the muscles with fresh oxygen – which ultimately gives you rewarding stress relief. And when you add the sexier elements the benefits only get better. Scientists have proven that orgasm unleashes stress and replenishes it with oxytocin, which is known for uplifting the mood and encouraging positive thinking.

Get sensual massaged today

Let’s be honest, we probably have twisted your arm that you need to try sensual massage. The good news is that here at Naturist Paradise we host an array of professional, gorgeous and seductive oriental masseuses who are here to assist you through your first sensual session. The girls, from China, Japan and Korea, have undergone intense sensual training in their home countries and are now here to showcase their sensual talents on the men of London. Incall is available in Marylebone from £120, with outcall being offered in Zones 1, 2 and 3 at a starting price of £150. Just pick up the phone and call our booking agents to arrange yours today.


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