Seven burning questions about Swedish massage answered

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Seven burning questions about Swedish massage answered

Ah Swedish massage, arguably the most common bodywork offered globally. While millions of us enjoy the super soothing and sophisticated rubdown there are some who are reluctant to undertake the treatment due to a few concerns and hang-ups. Will the therapist see me naked? Should I tip? Are popular niggles. Therefore, we have enlisted the help of Swedish massage expert Janet Gomez who is on hand to answer all of your burning questions about Swedish massage (and ultimately erase your nerves!)

Daniella, 33: “What time should I arrive for the appointment?”

Swedish massage is a super popular treatment, with therapists often conducting back to back appointments to keep up with the demand. Due to this, turning up just on time or even worse, late for your session is a big no no. Arriving late will often lead to your massage being cancelled or offered as a shorter duration for the same price. To avoid this, I recommend arriving around 15 minutes before your allocated time slot. This provides enough time to park, fill in the relevant health forms and discuss your desired outcomes from the massage.

Sam, 46: “How far do I need to undress?”

After a short discussion with your therapist they’ll inform you that they are leaving the treatment room. This is to provide you with some privacy as you remove your clothing and position yourself on the massage table. It’s totally your choice how far you undress. The bed will comprise of sheets and towels which protect your modesty. If you’re having a full body Swedish massage then I recommend stripping down to your underwear. While if you’re undertaking a neck, back and shoulders Swedish massage then do feel free to keep your trousers on – just make sure you opt for a comfy pair!

Richard, 52: “Will the therapist massage my privates?”

No, Swedish massages are completely non-sexual. If you’re looking for extra services then I recommend you try an erotic massage.

Wendy, 49: “Will there be music playing in the background?”

It depends where you go for the massage. Spas and parlours may choose to play soft tranquil sounds in the background, while clinics will conduct the massage in silence. Most Swedish massage practitioners will play soothing music (or not) at your request.

Kiki, 25: “How do I choose a good therapist?”

First of all, do your research. Browse through Yelp to find a Swedish massage therapist who suits your needs and requirements. Once you’ve found a few suitable ones head to Google to read some client reviews, this will give you a good indication if the therapist is reputable or not. My golden tip is to only opt for a therapist who has four or more stars.  Once decided on a therapist, give them a call and ask them about qualifications they have for Swedish massage therapy. If they aren’t able to inform you of accreditations and licences they may have then I recommend that you seek Swedish massage from elsewhere. Receiving massage from an unqualified ‘therapist’ can be extremely harmful to your body, as they do not know how muscle and soft tissue work.

Richard, 67: “Do I need to tip?”

Just like anything, tipping is completely your choice for a Swedish massage. However, I will say that Swedish massage therapists work extremely hard around unsociable hours so tipping is a small gesture to show that you appreciate the service. (That’s if you enjoyed it, of course!)  My recommendation is a 10 to 15 per cent tip – but do feel free to give a little more if you’re feeling super generous. Tipping is particularly common in massage parlours, but not so much in clinics and spas in which the Swedish massage is usually purchased as part of a pamper package.

Katie, 18: “How old do I have to be to have a Swedish massage?”

There’s no age restriction for having a Swedish massage, however those who are under the age of 18 need parental consent before undertaking the bodywork. It’s important to know that some spas and massage parlours are adults only and therefore, will not perform Swedish massage on children at the premises. Do check with the massage establishment or therapist first if you are thing of booking a massage for your child or yourself if you are under 18.

There you have it, all your burning questions about Swedish massage answered! We’ll be checking in with the lovely Janet again soon to answer some more of your riveting questions about other mesmerising  massage styles. Meanwhile do not hesitate to book an Asian erotic massage with Naturist Paradise! See you soon guys!


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