Sensual massage: The answer to lasting longer in bed

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Sensual massage: The answer to lasting longer in bed

Do you struggle to last in bed or not the stallion you once was? Then don’t panic, premature ejaculation is the most common sexual disorder found in males over the age of 50. While it can be super frustrating, unsatisfying and disheartening there are tips you can follow to help you last longer in the bedroom – and they are each based around sensual massage. Allow us to tell you more..

1. Masturbate first

If you’re a victim of premature ejaculation it’s important to prepare before arriving at the parlour – and there’s no better preparation than masturbation. We call it ‘getting it out of your system first’ as ejaculating a few hours before you have a sensual massage will make it more difficult to cum when you’re in the company of the masseuse. A bonus tip is to have a browse over our massage therapist gallery for inspiration. The photos showcase our gorgeous girls in all their glory, wearing the raciest swimwear and lingerie – you can really let your imagination run wild! The best news is that masturbating is just the delicious starter to this mouth-watering feast, you’ll be meeting the stunning girls in person for your next course! But don’t panic, your penis is under control.

2. Change it up

If you’re used to the same settings, foreplay and sex your body becomes all too familiar with the routine and makes the orgasms come much faster in the bedroom. To delay ejaculating, it’s important to mix things up – and a great way to do this is sensual massage. Visiting an erotic massage parlour or booking an outcall to your hotel room provides a new exciting location for getting frisky with your masseuse. Also, the gorgeous therapist will be able to show you new teasing and tantalising positions which spice you away from lasting less than a minute. If you want to last longer in the bedroom, it’s important to immerse yourself away from your vanilla comfort zone and try out things you’re a little unfamiliar with. Sensual massage certainly does just that.

3. Experience edging

There’s no better way to learn about self-control than edging – and the good news is oriental therapists are experts at the skill. Edging begins as soon as the massage commences. To perform a sensual treatment, the masseuse will work from your back, neck and shoulders (less sensitive zones) before edging closer and closer to your most intimate areas. She will start by using slow and soothing strokes before transitioning to something more vigorous and thrilling. The next part is when the real intensity and pleasure of edging begins. As she begins to stroke, lick and grind along your manhood you are destined to ejaculate. However, to delay the point of no return she will give you a cooling off period of about a minute or so before continuing to pleasure your penis. Not only does this strengthen the euphoric sensations experienced when you finally ejaculate, but it also does wonders for your self-control. Some may say it gives you the stamina of a porn star!

4. Opt for thicker condoms

If you opt for sensual massage full service, its law to wear a condom during intercourse. Most parlours have copious types of condoms the client can cherry-pick from for their session. Most clients choice process is based on sizing of their penis, but a little helpful trick is to opt for a thicker than usual type of condom if you suffer from premature ejaculation. Thicker condoms slow down the sensations and lengthen the duration of pleasure, leading to an orgasmic climax of no other – ultimately there’ll be no lasting 30 seconds!

5. Round two?

Most sensual massages give you pleasure of enjoying two orgasms in a one hour session, so if the masseuse gives you the go-ahead for round two make sure you take her up on it. As mentioned before, once a man has ejaculated, it’s much harder to orgasm again too quickly. This means the second time round you’ll probably last a lot longer – you’ll probably even forget you suffer from premature ejaculation!

Nurse your premature ejaculation with sensual massage

Here at Naturist Paradise we have a variety of highly-trained oriental therapists who are here to make your premature ejaculation a thing of the past. They are experts when it comes to the art of Tantra, edging and seduction, which we believe is the key to give you the stamina of a porn-star. Our sensual massages are available from just £120 in our swanky incall parlours in the heart of London, alternatively you can opt for a luxurious outcall to the comfort of your own home. We can’t wait to hear from you – and make your spicy sessions to a marathon instead of a sprint.

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