Can I get a STI/HIV from erotic massage?

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Can I get a STI/HIV from erotic massage?

While we all love some naughty bedroom antics getting naked with someone new for the first time can often post some concerns. Is this safe? And am I going to get an STI? Are super common niggles. It’s not unusual for a newbie coming to an erotic massage parlour to have these worries, but we can assure you that an erotic massage will leave you with the biggest smile on your face, not an STI. Safety is at the heart of every erotic session. Protection is worn during all massages at all times and parlours set up regular sexual health screening for all therapists. There really isn’t anything safer, but let’s first take a look at some STIs and the measures the parlours put in place to protect their clientele…


Chlamydia is one of the most common STIs in the UK. Symptoms don’t usually occur in many cases, but for those who do develop symptoms often experience painful urination, unusual discharge in the private zones and swelling in the testicles. The chances of contracting chlamydia by an already infected person stands at 25 per cent. Though it’s relatively easy to catch, chlamydia is easily picked up on a swab or urine test. It’s also super straight forward to treat. A single dose of antibiotic does the trick at eliminating the infection from the body.


Gonorrhoea is another common sexually transmitted infection in the UK, passed on through unprotected oral, vaginal and anal sex. Unlike Chlamydia, nine out of 10 men with Gonorrhoea do show signs and symptoms. Some of these include thick green discharge from the penis and painful urination. Gonorrhoea can be detected using the same screening as Chlamydia, by using a swab or urine test. However, it does require a different treatment method. Those who test positive to Gonorrhoea will be treated with an antibiotic injection and tablets. Though the STI is easily treated, it’s important to undergo screening as soon as possible if you’re showing signs of the condition. Untreated Gonorrhoea can lead to serious health problems, including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).


HIV is without doubt the most serious STD, due to their being no cure and its hard-hitting effects on the body. HIV damages cell within the immune system, which makes it harder for the individual to fight off minor illnesses and infections. When HIV was first discovered, a diagnosis was like a death sentence. With no treatment available, the HIV would slowly turn into AIDs. “The median time of survival following an AIDS diagnosis was no longer than about 20 months” was stated in the Life expectancy living with HIV: recent estimates and future implications. (See more:

However, now as medicines have improved HIV sufferers have a near to normal life expectancy. Due to the severity of HIV, many Australian and American states have made it a criminal offence to infect another individual with HIV if you are aware you have the condition. However, the British government have chosen not to implement such laws. (See more:
In the UK, most cases of HIV are caused by unprotected vaginal and anal sex. Infections are also sometimes passed on sharing needles. Though HIV can be a heart breaking diagnosis, it’s important to know the chances of contracting the condition are exceptionally low.

How are you protected from STIs while having an erotic massage?

When booking an erotic massage, you can be rest assured you are protected from all types of STDS – from minor, to severe. The British government has laid out strict guidelines that massage parlours must adhere to and if not, would be breaking the law. The law states that protection should be used at all times during an erotic massage, including oral and intercourse. Clients who request for protection not to be worn will always be declined. Complimentary condoms are provided by the massage parlour, so you can save yourself a trip to Boots beforehand. And don’t worry if you are big or small, as massage parlours are well prepared with a mix of condoms, which will fit all shapes and sizes. Wearing protection ensures you are 99.9% safe from contracting an STI through an erotic massage.

Erotic massage parlours always go the extra mile to ensure safety for not just the therapists, but for the clients too. Therefore as a double precaution, erotic therapists undergo weekly STI screening, which includes swab tests, urine samples and blood tests to test for all types of sexually transmitted infections, including Chlamydia, Ghonnorea and HIV. If a therapist is showing any potential symptoms of an STI they will be immediately removed from the parlour. From my experience in working in the erotic industry I have never come across a masseuse who has ever had an STD.

As you might be aware, there is a tiny chance of catching an STI from unwashed sex-toys. However, don’t be put off using toys as part of an erotic massage as all massage parlours have in-house cleaning team who extensively wash each toy between usage.

A common myth is that STIs can be caught through communal toilets, showers or towels. Once outside the body, the bacteria from STIs die extremely fast. This makes them impossible to spread. You can be rest assured you are 100 per cent safe from STIs while using communal facilities at an erotic massage parlour.

Erotic massage is without doubt the best way to practice safe intimacy, due to the exceptional measures British parlours go to by providing free condoms and setting up regular STI screening for the therapists. If you are an individual who enjoys casual relations but have anxieties about STD safety then erotic massage is a great way for you to get your sensual fix.

The Naturist Paradise parlour in the heart of London is one of an extensive list of agencies who regularly meet with government officials to ensure they are doing everything they can to protect the clientele from STIs. Due to this, the parlour has been rated five-star for its hygiene, cleanliness and safety levels since opening in 2010. If you’re seeking a soothing, seductive and sublime erotic massage in London without the safety stresses then it really is the best place to visit. Pricing starts from just £120, with services being available for incall and outcall appointments around Zone 1, 2 and 3. To find out more about the safety measures they have in place or to make a booking call or SMS their friendly team of booking agents.


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