I hear those sleigh bells ringing… And you moaning!

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I hear those sleigh bells ringing… And you moaning!

Being an erotic masseuse is a very fun and rewarding job, especially around the festive season. Christmas is all about giving and that is exactly what my job as a massage therapist is all about.

Winter can be a dark, cold and lonely few months but I am here to warm it up for you and provide you with some sensual and passionate fun that will give you the Christmas spirit you need to get over the holidays. I asked some of my amazing clients why getting an erotic massage with me around Christmas was so much better compared to other parts of the year and here is what they had to say;

Leon, 32 :

“Erotic massages are highly arousing and exhilarating experiences, especially at the massage parlours in central London. The masseuses are always beautiful and you can tell they have been highly trained. I opted for the lingam massage as they had it on offer throughout the festive period. The massage therapist who was from Korea knew exactly what she was doing and I knew she was an expert at erotic massages. The lingam massage is amazing as it focuses mainly on the penis and she really worshipped it and it felt incredible. Unlike other orgasms that were basically rushed and it was just the moment of climax that felt good, she somehow managed to pleasure me from start to finish, and the build-up lasted for ages but was incredible. It definitely helped me get over my lonely winter blues!”

Jonathan, 45 :

“When my wife passed away in June, it was very difficult for me to come to terms with, and the thought of Christmas without her seemed unbearable. All of my children are grown up and live in different parts of the U.K; therefore winter was rather hard as I didn’t have them around either. I went to grieving therapy and one of the other men who had lost their wife a few months prior to me suggested that I visit one of the Asian erotic massage parlours in central London. I was quite apprehensive about this because I had only ever been intimate with my wife and the prospect of being so close to somebody else scared me. However, when I arrived at the massage parlour the masseuses were all so friendly which automatically made me feel a lot more relaxed. They talked me through each of their services and what they offered, and because it was my first time there I decided that I would start off with a happy ending massage which Is a sensual massage and hand relief. It felt very nice and because the masseuse made me feel so relaxed, my nerves completely disappeared.”

Will, 22 :

“I have always been quite a lone wolf and ever since I moved to London for university I spent Christmas there too. As most of my friends travelled home for the festive period, I was often left alone. However, on Christmas eve I decided to treat myself to a special Christmas gift and get an erotic massage at the Asian massage parlour close to my flat. I had been a few times before, but only to the Eastern European massage parlours and I had been told that the oriental girls were the best. When I arrived I was greeted by the most beautiful girls who then performed a full body massage on me. The style of the massage was naked and full body to body which felt incredible on my bare skin. The massage therapist was around nineteen which was good because I am only young myself and a lot of the other massage parlours I had been in always offered me older women which is not my thing. Although she was quite young I could tell she was extremely experienced and an expert at what she does. Getting a full service erotic massage is definitely a good idea if you are a lonely guy throughout the Christmas season.”

It is always great to get such good feedback from my clients and I am happy that I can bring them such joy and pleasure throughout the Christmas period. All of my family live in China, therefore it can be quite a lonely time of year for me also.

If you would like to book an erotic massage for yourself or a friend this Christmas then call, text or email me today to make use of our special Christmas deals and discount.

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