Are erotic massages clean?

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Are erotic massages clean?

Booking your first erotic massage can be a little daunting, let’s be honest getting frisky with a gorgeous girl of your dreams isn’t something that happens every day. As well as being a little nervous, many massage first-timers are usually concerned about one more thing – are erotic massages clean? The prospect of getting down and dirty in a dingy location or with a girl riddled with STIs is enough to put off many men enjoying the wonders of erotic massage. However, we’re here to assure you that erotic massages are 100 per cent spotlessly clean in every way possible.

In the UK, the government has imposed strict guidelines onto British erotic massage parlours to ensure their establishments and services are super hygienic for not just their clients, but for the therapists also. Implications they put in place include..

Unlimited use of condoms for all clients

Yes, the most common cleanliness concern which comes with erotic massage is the possibility of contracting an STI. However British law states that condoms have to be worn during throughout all types of erotic massage styles at all times. There’s no loophole for this and if you ask for the condom to be taken off more than once you’ll be likely shown out of the door. To ensure condoms are always worn, erotic massage parlours also have the complimentary and unlimited use of condoms for all clients. Whether you are big and girthy or a little more on the smaller size, there sure to have a condom which fits your penis.

The masseuses have regular STI checks

A double precaution taken to keep erotic massages as clean as possible is regular STI checks. Under UK law, all erotic therapists have to undertake swab, urine and blood tests to check for a full range of STIs – these include ghonnorea, chlamydia and HIV. If the girl tests positives for an STI or is showing symptoms they will be temporarily removed from the parlour and be deemed unfit to work until they have successfully had treatment. Following these precautions mean there is no chance of a client contracting an STI while having an erotic massage, ensuring a clean and safe service.

The masseuses have showers in between clients

Ok, you don’t need to be rocket scientist to understand that masseuses attend to a various amount of gentlemen on a daily basis. However, just because their job is to get hot under the covers with bodily juices flying everywhere doesn’t mean they are dirty. All erotic massage parlours here in the UK are ordered to leave around 30 minutes in between each therapist’s clients to ensure they have time to have a thorough shower, freshen up and get ready before to see to another gentlemen. If you’re super hygienic (or just want some extra fun) then you can always invite your masseuse for some wet ‘n’ wild giggles for around £20 extra. Assisted showers are available at the beginning and end of all erotic massages. The masseuses also always change underwear and clothing in between clients to ensure they are fresh as a daisy for your hour of thrilling passion.

Bed sheets and towels are always changed between clients

And it’s not just the therapists who have a break between clients, so does the treatment rooms too. To ensure hygiene is at the heart of adult industry, all erotic massages parlours in the UK have an in-house maid team who work tirelessly to ensure all rooms are up to a five star standard for each client at all hours of the day. As soon as a session ends and the client has left, the therapist calls up the maid team to get to work straight away on the treatment room. One maid will immediately provide fresh towels, bedding and pillows. While another usually spruces up the bathroom and thoroughly washes all surfaces. As well as being ultra-clean it’ll also be super immaculate, which makes it hard to imagine that any other client has used the treatment room before yourself. Massage parlours cleaning-team work like clock-work to ensure every spot within the establishment is super spotless and tidy.

To ensure British massage parlours follow the strict guidelines imposed by UK law, a government official visits every massaging establishment in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland every six months to undertake an inspection. As part of this, they will check the condition of each treatment room and check the health records of the therapist. It’s also mandatory for them to check that every masseuse has a valid licence, which shows they are certified to provide erotic massage in the UK. The therapists also sign an agreement which shows they accept the responsibility to follow the British massaging law and if they fail to do so, they will be stripped of their licence. A professional, hygienic and clean massage is taken very seriously at erotic massage parlours and is something that will never be tampered with.

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So we hope we’ve assured you that there’s nothing cleaner than an erotic massage here in the UK. British massage parlours are five-star pamper parlours with high-class hygienic therapists – a far cry from them grotty parlours with dingy prostitutes you often see down the back streets of London. If you want to experience the most authentic, ultra-clean and seductive massage in the whole of the capital city then we highly recommend you try the Naturist Paradise parlour. Our Chinese, Japanese and Korean therapists can’t wait to tease and tantalise you with their fine oriental talents. Clients can enjoy a variation of adult massages with us, including body to body, Tantric and many more. Our services start from £150 for happy ending and £200 full service. And that’s not all, we also provide a luxurious outcall erotic massage service to all postcodes within the Greater London area. This means we are fully flexible to send a gorgeous girl to your hotel, home or office space at whatever time you desire. So what are you waiting for? Call our 24 hour hotline today to arrange your session.


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