Spring time is bursting with opportunity, opportunities start with tantric massage

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Spring time is bursting with opportunity, opportunities start with tantric massage

Spring is on its way. We can almost feel it coming up over the horizon. Every time we feel the slight flutter of warmth on our skin from the sun breaking through the winter smog, to the green shoots sprouting up slowly and surely all around us. Spring is a time for new beginnings; it’s a time for taking charge of our lives and making positive and constructive change. Spring is also a time for spiritual awakening. Did I say spiritual? What I meant to say was s e x u a l. That’s right! Spring is a time to re-imagine, re-invigorate, re-initiate your sexual drive and pleasure retention.

Our bodies (even if we may not be aware of it) are in a continual cycle with the moon and the in turn the seasons. You may find you have a more positive, brighter outlook in the summer months, you might feel a greater craving for food and shelter during the winter months- this is not an organic or a state that is personal and individual to you- this is the natural human response to the season of winter- it’s the season we and other animals have a bodily response to nest and hibernate. We feed ourselves to add fat to our bone and preserve natural warmth; similarly we choose to spend more time at home during this month as the darker evenings and low temperatures mean our bodies go in to a state of fatigue as well as go through an intuitive state of self-protection and self-preservation; we resist going out in cold temperatures to protect our bodies from sickness and hyperthermia. These examples will not surprise you. It really is in the winter and summer months that we can most easily see the effects on our mood and our physical condition in response to the season. The same cannot be said for the seasons of autumn and spring. These seasons can have varying degrees in temperature and downpour. In the spring and autumn the timings of sunset and sunrise are in a state of flux, they are not consistently one way or the other. We can consider these seasons to be the middle ground, to be the medium, this is turn could lead us to believe that how we are within ourselves in this time, how are bodies are at this time is ‘normal’, ‘average’, ‘in the middle’. It is this mind set, my friend, which has fooled generations…

In actual fact, research taken place in The University of Biological and Psychological Science Colorado State determined that it is in fact during the spring that the body goes through its biggest shift. Spring is the season of change. If you are to make any life altering decisions, whether that be quitting your job, divorcing your wife of 10 years, having an affair, going on a diet, cutting out meat, cutting off friends, introducing yourself to new circles, getting people to call you by a different name etc. etc. – it is in fact the months of March, April and May in which you are most likely to make these lifestyle shifts. It is in the spring time that your body and mind undergoes its most growth and realigning, it’s a series of months of active thinking. Spring is the season of new life but it is also the season of new decisions, new plans and new people. All that you build and nurture during the spring months is what you will take with you in to the summer months- you could see spring as the preparatory state before the summer.

Just like the humble caterpillar submerging itself in to a cocoon during the spring months, the human man emerges from spring a new and more colourful version of one’s self in the summer months. If this spring you find yourself with an innate urge to try something new, to develop and hobby or shift your normal everyday routine in some way then, my friend, I think it’s time you discovered the wonder and power of tantric massage.

But don’t just take my word for it. I have called in the help of two guys who began their introduction to tantra teachings and tantric massage in the spring time of last year. Now, almost a year has gone by and both their lives have changed for the better. Let’s hear what they’ve got to say, shall we?

We will start with Martin, he is a 34 year old business broker, working in London town.

Where do I start? Last February I wasn’t in a great way. I had been with my partner Chloe for three years and we went through a real tough patch that winter. By the end of February things were fraught and I didn’t know what to do. By the time March crept around the corner, Chloe had moved out and I was alone. The first part of spring was a real difficult period for me. I felt like a zombie, emotionless to everyone but inside my emotions was bursting out. The slightest incident, even the wrong the word could set me off- I would spend hours bawling my eyes out in the shower, it was dehumanising.

On the recommendation of basically everybody I decided to get in to something, get a hobbie an interest, something new. That’s how I ended up going for a tantric massage. I got reading about it online one night and found a parlour in Marylebone that was commutable from work.

Tantra made me see sexually pleasure and intimacy in a completely different way, I learnt about the joy of edging of building pleasure. After getting really in to it, week by week learning more each time, my confidence soared. I was meeting woman all the time and they couldn’t get enough of my new found sexual intuition- I became the orgasm king!

And now? A year later and I have hung up my playing boots. I am currently in a relationship with a super fit super model!! I know- I can hardly believe my look. We actually bonded over our shared love of tantric and yoga- two things I would never have dreamt of doing before last spring!

Liam is a 25 year old music and events co-ordinator; he also discovered tantra last spring. Here’s what he had to say:

I love the slowness and not focusing on ejaculation, that’s the joy of tantra for me. It’s funny I don’t know whether I can really pin point an example of how tantra has changed my life but what I can say is that for something I didn’t even know about last year, it’s something that I can’t imagine now living without. Tantra is a blessing, tantric massage made me the man you see today- a happy guy, humbled to on this sick ass planet.

So what’re you waiting for? Don’t you think you ought to give tantric massage a go this spring?


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