How Tantric massage helped me heal the loss of a loved one

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How Tantric massage helped me heal the loss of a loved one

From an early age, we love being naked. Whether your four years old or 40 years old there’s nothing more pleasurable than running around in the nude. When get older, we start into indulge the pleasures of getting naked with the opposite sex. Some people believe Tantric massage treatment is just used for having some naked fun with another person, however for me it turned out to be much deeper than that. Allow me to tell you how Tantric massage helped me heal the loss of a loved one..

Growing up in Chelsea my lifestyle was very well-to-do. My mother worked as a CEO of a recruitment company while my father spent most of him time working away with the RAF in the East. During my late teens, I spent most of my time hanging around chic bars, driving fast cars and dining gorgeous girls. Then when I was 21, my world came crashing down. My mum fell ill and passed away two months later. I felt lost in the city I always loved. To cope, I threw myself into work – grafting more than 70 hour weeks. Then suddenly, the grief hit me and I suddenly felt super lonely. One of my friends suggested I try Tantric massage to help heal my heartbreak. Of course I was a little bit hesitant, I’d never had an erotic massage before and I’d not been intimate with a girl since the death of my mother. However, I knew I had to try it and it turned out to be the best decision I had ever made.

The parlour turned out to be just a stone throw away from my apartment in South Kensington so I immediately felt at ease. On arrival, I was taken to a welcome lounge where I was greeted by three oriental massage therapists. Not only were they insanely gorgeous, but they were also super friendly too. We chatted about life in London and how it differs from their home countries. It felt wonderful to have a normal conversation with lovely people, after I’d struggled for so long. I was able to select my favourite masseuse for my massage, who turned out to be a girl called Cherry. I was immediately captivated by her charming face and infectious laugh, I knew if I wasn’t to enjoy the massage I was still in for a treat.

Cherry guided me to the treatment room where she asked if I was my first time at the parlour and my reasons for coming. I had reservations about telling her about my grief. I didn’t want her to think of me as a loser – but then I thought f*** it, I have nothing to lose. Cherry gazed into my eyes as she brushed her dainty finger tips against my hands, I felt safe.

Cherry took off her trench coat, before slipping out of her red lace underwear. She looked at me for a nod of approval before unbuttoning my shirt. She proceeded by positioning me on my back, before soothingly rubbing, stroking and caressing my body. Now, I’ve had normal massage therapy before but there was something about feeling the warmth of Cherry’s bare skin and against mine which made it extra special.

Due to the grief, I had experienced tension built in my back, neck and shoulders. Cherry was able to pin-point my problem areas and unwind them with the most sensual relief. It was breath-taking to enjoy skin-to-skin contact after suffering so long.

One of my reasons for seeking naturist massage therapy was to build my confidence back in the bedroom. After the death of my mother, I went from a strong-strapping guy with a six-pack to someone who looked no better than a sloth. I had no way of wooing girls so saw Tantric massage as my final resort. I knew the sexy bits where to come with Cherry and I knew I had to embrace it.

Cherry moved me onto my front and removed my towel covering my manhood. One of the purposes of Tantric massage is to worship the male sexual organs and boy did Cherry do just that that. She trailed her delicate lips down my body, before edging closer and closer to my penis. Cherry showered me in compliments as she pattered over my intimate areas, before carefully using her voluptuous lips to massage my penis, testicles and scrotum. I felt waves of euphoria and immediately felt empowered, this stimulated the most powerful orgasm of my life. I’d not felt this amazing since long before my mother passed away.

I immensely enjoyed by time with Cherry, but I had my reservations these overwhelming seventh heaven feelings would be short-lived. However, to my upmost satisfaction I was proved wrong – I felt lighter, refreshed and rejuvenated for days. I had a better outlook towards work, had more energy to go to the gym and had built new confidence to speak to girls again. However, more importantly – Tantric massage allowed me to learn how to control my emotions and made the grieving process much easier.

I made the effort to visit the tantric massage parlour at least once a week, enjoying the company of new girls fulfilled everything I was missing in my life. Sometimes something as simple as enjoying their conversation and feeling their gorgeous bodies gently caress against yours is enough to aid your problems. Of course, Tantric massage is not the answer for everyone who is suffering the loss of a loved one but it certainly worked for me. Thank you Cherry and the Naturist Paradise girls.

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