Step into 2019 with a Full Service massage!

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Step into 2019 with a Full Service massage!

As 2018 nears an end, we are extremely proud and happy with how well our central London massage parlours have done over the course of the year. Not only have our parlours become a part of London culture, we are happy to fit into the heart and soul of the community and it makes us beam with pride that we can offer so much to our clients.

Full service massages are often frowned upon in British culture, however we hoped to normalise it and teach people that erotic massages are just like any sort of therapeutic massage. People should be allowed to enjoy them without scrutiny from people who do not wholly agree with them.

We wanted to get some feedback from some of our clients who have enjoyed full service massages from one of our many Asian massage parlours in central London and this is what they had to say –

Declan, 32

“I was quite apprehensive about receiving a full service massage to begin with as there has been a lot of negative speculation around whether or not they should be acceptable. However, I decided that it was my decision and got one. I have to say, originally my main reason for going was simply for the pleasure aspect, so I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that the full service massage had so much more to offer. Firstly, the beautiful masseuse performed a fully naked, body to body massage on me to the highest of quality. She then asked exactly what I wanted, making sure I was comfortable with everything. She also provided a condom which was convenient and professional in my eyes. It was an incredible service that was highly enjoyable from a 5* massage parlour.”

Timothy, 26

“I had been with my ex-girlfriend since I was eighteen and lost my virginity to her. Therefore when we broke up earlier in the year, you bet I was nervous about getting back into the game and sleeping with somebody else. I was not confident in the bedroom department and was scared in case I had picked up bad habits from only having been with one other woman. Therefore, I decided to visit my local Asian massage parlour as I had heard the oriental masseuses there were of a very high quality, and very beautiful. When I arrived they were helpful and discreet, and talked me through my options. I went for the full service massage and it was certainly worth every penny. The masseuse took things slow and steadily with me, massaging my body in a sensual manner until I became aroused. She then performed hand relief and oral on me, before we finished with very enjoyable sex. She made me feel very at ease, which made me a lot less nervous and more confident. After a few times visiting the massage parlour throughout two months, I finally had the courage to get back into the dating game and I must say that my sex life is booming.”

Sanjay, 47

“I travel a lot for my job; however I am always extremely happy when I travel to London. You may question why, but the answer is simple… It provides the best full service massage in the world! Not only are the masseuses some of most beautiful women I have met in my life, they have been trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools across Asia. I like to be able to have a selection and the massage parlour provides Chinese, Korean and Japanese ladies. The massages are very arousing, and the masseuse uses her sexy body to rub against mine, while we are both fully naked. She then performs the most sensual oral and hand relief, before we enjoy each other’s sex. They also allow me to orgasm more than once in a session which is a bonus as not many other massage parlours do in London.”

So, if you are visiting central London or perhaps you are a resident of the capital, then why not try our full service massage for yourself? WE have nothing but 5* reviews and we are always very keen and eager to meet new customers. Our full service massage is one of the best, if not the best, in the city and we would not want you to miss out any longer.

If you would like to book a full service massage appointment in London with one of our professionally trained massage therapists then please contact us today via SMS, phone call or email. If you have any questions or queries regarding locations, time slots or prices then please do not hesitate to contact us as we are more than happy to assist.


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