Is it okay for a married man to visit a massage parlour for full service?

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Is it okay for a married man to visit a massage parlour for full service?

Wanting a full service massage in London but worried you’ll be doing the dirty because you have a wife? Well don’t worry, there’s nothing that indicates visiting a massage parlour for full service is committing adultery. The Internet will tarnish your views with complete garbage about how full service is cheating, but we can assure you this is completely not the case. Full service massage is health beneficial and helps you to build deeper relationships on a mental and physical level. It often pays great benefit to your marriage and makes you a healthier person, both in your body and mind. To disregard full service massage due to ‘having a ring on it’ is extremely silly! Read on to find out why…

So let’s cut to the chase, why do so many people believe full service is cheating? Well there’s no denying that full service involves a lot of skin-to-skin contact with both parties being naked. Techniques are also used on the erogenous zones until the male achieves orgasm. An outdated belief is that getting intimate should be kept between a husband and wife, but the passion experienced in a full service massage is largely different to engaging in sexy time with a partner.

First of all, you and your wife will have a deep connection built on your physical and mental attraction. When you get intimate it will be considered as ‘making love’ which is nothing like full service massage. Full service therapists are there to supply you a service, just like having your hair cut at the barbers or having an MOT at the car garage – they are not there to build a relationship with you. Masseuses generally don’t ask for your name, nor do they tell you theirs to keep the session strictly professional, assuring it isn’t cheating.

So, you might be wondering why you would visit an erotic massage in the first place if you’re married. Well, let’s start off by saying there are copious reasons to book full service which go far beyond getting your bedroom needs fulfilled. The most prominent reason for opting for full service therapy is stress relief. We know what you’re thinking, why do you need a full service when a traditional Swedish massage could work all the same to iron out your stresses? Well that’s where you’re wrong. When we are stressed, the cortisol builds in every area of the body – but typically builds in the more intimate areas, including the manhood. As normal massage therapy totally neglects the erogenous zones the stress build-up will only become worse, leading to unwanted tension and in more severe cases, discomfort and pain. Full service massage therapy promises to unleash stress in EVERY area of the body. The service not only kneads out the tension in the less sensitive areas, but also eliminates the build-up in the more intimate zones by the power of orgasm. To deprive yourself of full service massage because you’re married is baffling, as it’s only going to make your stress even worse.

In recent years, doctors have labelled full service massage as a key element of health maintenance, both in your body and in your mind. If you suffer from aches and pains, the full service provides natural alternative treatment to medicines. The sensual strokes of full service triggers the rush of endorphins, which help to mask the pain signals before they enter the brain – giving the receiver rewarding relief. Orgasm has also proven to release the ‘feel good’ hormone oxytocin which helps to erase negative thoughts and replenish them with positive feelings. Full service massage fights off illness before symptoms become onset. Slow and soothing strokes performed in a full massage increase the amount of white blood cells within the body. Generally, the more white blood cells the person has, the stronger their immune system will be, which helps to prevent minor illness and disease. The massage also enriches the blood and oxygen circulation, which helps to enhance organ function for the receiver. This shows how full service massage is the key to a healthy and happy life, why would anyone deprive themselves on all of these benefits just because they are married?

Believe it or not, regular full service treatments can boost the relationship between you and your dearest. Let’s be honest, the sex-life between you and your partner can often go slightly stale after many years married. However, instead of leaving her bored with the same-old bland vanilla positions why not spice it up by learning new tricks at an erotic massage parlour? Many husbands use visiting a massage parlour as a rehearsal, before showcasing their new found talents on their loved one. Erotic masseuses are sensational trainers at teaching you about the wonders of the female form and what’s going to really woo your lady in the bedroom. You’re guaranteed to leave your session smiling like a Cheshire cat, ready to put in the best performance of your life to your wife.

Practice also makes perfect. With age, many men often start to experience some kind of penis problem, such as premature ejaculation or lacking sexual stamina. Regular full service massage also helps to grow you into the stallion you once was, which will be much to the delight of your wife. Visiting massage parlours strengthens your marriage, not breaks it. Protection is also worn during a full service at all times, ensuring the safety for not just yourself but your partner also.

If you are a married man and are thinking about booking the full service we recommend you discuss it with your wife first. Explain to her the health benefits and just how it will add that extra spark to your relationship – you could even show her this post! Here at Naturist Paradise we also have a friendly team of agents who would love to chat to both you and your wife about the service in more detail, putting both your minds at ease. Erotic massage parlours are super discreet and are often disguised as plush private residences in major cities, you can be assured your service will remain a secret between yourself, your wife and the therapist. You can also request an outcall to your home if it would make you feel more comfortable. The parlours also destroy client information every 24 hours, assuring there will be no evidence of your booking. The full service benefits not just you, but your marriage also – it’s time we realised married men SHOULD visit massage parlours!


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