The Travel Diaries; Nuru Massage

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The Travel Diaries; Nuru Massage

One of our regular customers went travelling throughout the Far East and whilst on his travels he decided to keep a diary log of all his most cherished moments. While in Japan he experienced an authentic Nuru massage which he has shared with us to help our other customers the full greatness and satisfaction it can bring to your mind, body and soul…


12th June 2018


“As the last few weeks of my trip come to an end, I am very excited to spend an entire month travelling throughout the Japanese Alps by myself. With mountains over 3000 metres high and serene visuals making my reality seem like a dream, I honestly have never felt so calm and free in my whole life. This region of Japan is breath taking but it is not just about the nature, the culture is just as vibrant and the people I have met along the way have taught me new ways in life that will stick with me forever.

At the minute I am in the historic city of Kanazawa and this is my third evening being surrounded by the pink blossom trees and the natural sights such as Kenruko-En Garden. I am so far away from the hustle and bustle of my life in London yet I have never felt so at home, I wonder if many people get this feeling too? I guess this feeling began a few days ago during my stay in the small folk village of Takayama, there was something about the small wooden houses that lined the cobbled streets and the multiple craft stores that made this experience feel so real and authentic.

While I sat on a public bench sheltering my reddened skin from the rays of the sun, and my breath slightly short from walking, I was approached by a lady whose appearance exceeded the beauty of the surroundings that filled us. She held out her hands and offered me some cold water in a Sake glass. “Would you like to experience the true essence of Japan sir?” she asked me in a gentle but welcoming voice. Being a regular visitor to Asian tantric massage parlours in London, I was aware that the city of Takayama was known for its tantric massage services, which was a major part of the culture in that region. This knowledge allowed me to understand that this stunning Asian masseuse standing in front of me, eyes bright, was indeed offering me her massage services.

I followed her down a cobbled path that was lined with camellias and hysterias, their colours reflecting in the glass windows their smell filling up my nostrils with the scent of summer. I entered one of the small wooden cabins on the side of a lake where she drew me into a calm and relaxing room with wide open windows and a large bed with crisp white sheets. The feeling of home I have been feeling recently panged hard across every part of my body and I knew the experience I was about to have was going to be like no other. She slowly undressed me and used a sponge and tin basin to gently cleanse my body and I felt as if my stresses and anxieties were being washed away with every touch. The singing of the birds and the tresses of sunlight peeking through the pale blue shutters was extremely comforting and my body fell into a state of relaxation.

She lay me down on the soft sheets and carefully began to apply Nuru gel upon my naked body. I had read about the Nuru massage in London and knew it originated in Japan but I had never prepared for a moment like this where I would actually be receiving an authentic Nuru massage experience that I doubt many Westerners would ever have the pleasure of doing so. Once she had applied the Nuru gel over most parts of my body, she un-done her white gown to reveal a petite physique with curves in all the right places. She released her hair from the clip at the top of her hair and dark waves fell upon her shoulders effortlessly, illuminating her collar bones. She looked deep into my eyes and I swore I could see the soft ripples of the river outside run through her irises.

The curves of her body seemed to fit perfectly in mine as she rubbed against me, the intimacy causing me extreme arousal, rushes of pure bliss electrifying every fibre of my being. I felt bad because all I could do was take while she was giving me so much happiness and pleasure, but she assured me that by doing so it was also bringing her extreme pleasure. How could one person, one stranger, bring me such content in my life? Although the Nuru massage obviously had a sexual element, the way it made my mind and body feel was like nothing I had ever experienced before. As the sun began to set I could see the traces of our shadow against the pale wooden walls of the cabin and I knew that neither of us were distracted by anything else in our lives and we were fully immersed in one another’s company. In that moment I was baring my full and whole self to this masseuse who somehow had the power to make me feel completely at home. Any feelings of anxiety or any trust issues I suffered with had been eliminated and I now felt the full capacity of human intimacy, I had let down all of my defences.

I will never forget my trip to the Japanese Alps and I am not sure that I will ever truly be able to put into words how it has made me feel, I guess that is a feeling I can cherish forever to myself. I am here for a further three weeks and although I am excited to explore the magnificent landscapes, food and culture, I am mostly looking forward to exploring myself through the power of Nuru massage.”


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