Debate of the day – Should Lingam massage parlours be kept a secret?

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Debate of the day – Should Lingam massage parlours be kept a secret?

With the demand for Lingam massage surging day by day in London, more and more Lingam massage parlours are popping up in the city. While some of these establishments use exterior banners to advertise ‘happy ending massage’ some often don’t have any shop sign, with passers-by left peacefully unaware of what goes on behind closed doors. Whether Lingam massage parlours should be kept a secret has become a hot topic of debate – here two regular Lingam clients argue their views…

Danny, 36, Civil Engineer:

‘What we do in our personal life should be kept private’

Just to give you a little bit of context, I work in London, live in London and have family in London – do I really want one of my colleagues, family or friends catch me walking into a Lingam massage parlour? While of course, I am all about getting my penis massaged we need to understand that other people can be pretty backwards when it comes to the world of sex. I don’t need my young apprentice telling all the work-boys that he saw me gallivanting to a happy ending parlour on my lunch break. This of course, would escalate into being the talk of the office and only one thing for me, stress.

I’m more than happy for Lingam salons to remain top secret from the naked eye. After all, I can blissfully stand waiting for a hot therapist to arrive without feeling like some judgemental b******* is going to be sniggering to his pals that ‘this geezer is about to get his end away’

Those who say it’s hard to find a Lingam massage parlour without the help of shop signs need to start using the Internet. A tap into Google including the words ‘Erotic massage in London’ will leave you spoilt for choice of Lingam parlours in capital, from budget sessions to luxurious packages. Having a browse at the website beforehand will allow you to get a glimpse of the treatment rooms, get a flavour of the delicious girls who work there and find out the prices, instead of being overwhelmed by all this information from turning up at a walk-in.

At the end of the day, sex is an intimate, personal and romantic experience, which should remain a secret between my masseuse and I. I don’t want the whole of London knowing what I get up to in my spare time!

Tony, 47, Accounts Manager:

‘We all love sex, so what’s the big deal’

If you have seedy and dingy connotations when you think of a Lingam massage parlour then you’re a bit of an uneducated d***. The interiors of erotic massage parlours are state-of-the-art, with plush King-sized beds and spacious bathrooms, these places could easily be mistaken for the finest five star hotels. Lingam massage is a luxurious service and I’m proud to say I opt for the sessions, I work hard so of course, I play even harder.

And let’s be honest, it’s the 21st Century so it’s time to embrace the fact we all love sex. If you look down on me for walking into a Lingam parlour then more fool you! You go by walking down the hectic stressful streets of London, while I have a blissful time with a smoking hot girl, I know where I’d rather be.

Sometimes it’s nice to breeze through the streets and take a spontaneous decision to book a Lingam massage, this couldn’t be done if the parlour was masked as something else. Also, booking your first Lingam massage can be a daunting experience – would you rather stand on a street corner waiting for a girl you’ve never met to show up and take you to an unknown location or to walk into a professional shop setting to meet the therapists? I know what I would rather do and I certainly wouldn’t want to stand like a dork in the middle of a busy London road.

Erotic therapists are selling a service, just like hairdressers cutting hair or shopkeepers selling goods. They always have shop banners for their establishments, so why the hell should Lingam massage parlours hide theirs?

What do you think?

While there is no right or wrong answer, we’d love to hear your views whether Lingam massage parlours should be kept a secret. And of course, there’s no better way to come to a conclusion than opting for a Lingam massage yourself. Here at Naturist Paradise we have many erotic massage establishments dotted around Central London, including Marylebone, South Kensington and many more. Here you can enjoy the wonders of Lingam massage in London from just £120 and come to your verdict about whether it should be a secret service. Call our friendly and helpful team on 07769005278 to find out more or to make a booking. Please note, your enquiries and evidence of your booking will always remain extremely confidential between you and the parlour.


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