Is happy ending massage legal?

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Is happy ending massage legal?

Ah happy ending, the only massage which attends to your whole body as well as the erogenous zones. While happy ending is celebrated in the massaging world, many are often hesitant to undertake the euphoric bodywork due to the same burning question, ‘is happy ending legal?’ We’re here to cut the myths and assure you that happy ending is totally on the side of British law. If two consensual adults want to get a little bit frisky then who is to say they can’t? To put your mind at ease and be assured that happy ending is as legal as enjoying a shot of Sambuca at a bar then please read on…

So, what makes happy ending on the side of the law? Well, when you arrive for your happy ending treatment the service you are paying for is the massage – which of course, is legal. What goes on between you and the therapist after the massage has taken place is entirely the choice of yourself and the therapist. Also, many are quick to perceive happy ending as a code word for sex, which is untrue. Massage parlours do not offer sex, just amazing massages with a hint of erotica. They are often sought for relaxation and stress relieving purposes, not to get your bedroom needs fulfilled.  

So you’re probably wondering why many are quick to perceive happy ending as illegal. Well, it’s largely due to the negative connotations which taunt the erotic world. Many often mistaken massage parlours for brothels, which often house overworked prostitutes trying to make a quick-fix. While brothels can be crowded, smelly and dingy, this is completely not the case for massage parlours. Happy ending parlours understand that many of their clientele is well-respected businessmen who seek their services after a long day at the office. These gentlemen enjoy the finer things in life and therefore, happy ending parlours are tailored to their high standards.

Each therapist is usually allocated their own private treatment room, completed with mood-lighting, king-sized bed an en-suite shower facilities. We’ve heard many happy ending customers mistaken an adult treatment room as a bedroom found in a plush five-star hotel. Usually found in bustling cities such as London, Glasgow and Manchester, the massage parlours’ exterior are disguised from the naked eye – and are usually masked as lavish apartments or homes. And no, this isn’t because happy ending is illegal – but is to protect the confidentiality of the customers, who strive to seek a discreet and safe service. 

In Noxious Neighbours? Interrogating The Impacts of Sex Preferences in Residential Areas Phil Hubbard stated that:

“Premises associated with commercial sex including brothels, strip tease clubs, sex cinemas and sex shops have been increasingly acceptable as legitimate land uses, albeit one whose land needs to be controlled because of assumed negative externalities”

This shows that the public have started to recognise massage parlours as the ordinary business, but many are still hesitant to see them as legal, which is super frustrating for those who work in the adult world. ( Source: )

Happy ending parlours are the same as any other customer service businesses. They offer legitimate services, just like having your haircut at the local barbers or having a tyre fitted at a car garage. Just like other professional companies, happy ending parlours meet government regulations and the therapists pay their taxes. To perceive parlour owners and happy ending masseuses as law breakers is baffling.

Though many people do, it’s wrong to label a happy ending massage therapist as a prostitute. Happy ending therapists find themselves in the adult industry due to their love for Tantra and massage therapy. They have worked extremely hard to become a happy ending therapist and to tarnish them as a prostitute is completely derogatory. The only similarity between a happy ending therapist and a sex-worker is that they both get intimate with the male body – and that is it.  

Happy ending practice is based upon the beliefs that the male body is a temple and the Lingam (penis) is sacred. To worship the whole male body massage is performed, which often does include massaging the genital area. But hey, we all know the body, mind and soul is intertwined. So repressing sexual contact from a massage is depriving our innate nature for intimacy. Therapists who offer full body massage but exclude the genital area are only adding to the problem.  One of the main reasons many seek massage is stress relief and as stress builds in all areas of the body, neglecting the erogenous zones is only going to worsen the stress-build up. There are no qualms at having your neck, back and legs massaged so why is everyone so concerned at having your penis touched? It’s silly to tarnish one area of the male body with negative connotations, just because it is associated with sex. Sexual contact is a basic human need, so what is SO bad about that? Many need to realise it’s the 21st Century and if you wince at the thought of your manhood being massaged then you really need to get a grip.    

To become an erotic masseuse, you need to obtain a certified licence, which shows that you are trained in massage therapy and meet the requirements to be a therapist.  The licence shows that the masseuse is over the age of 21 and is completely healthy, both mentally and physically. Happy ending therapists are completely professional and keep in touch with government guidelines to ensure they are on the side of British law, with their services being completely safe for themselves and their clients. Due to this, protection has to be worn throughout all massages at all times. If you request for it not to be used more than once, you will no doubt be asked to leave and black-listed from the parlour. As a double precaution, masseuses have regular hygiene checks at their local GP and undergo advanced STI testing on a fortnightly basis. This ensures each and every client is completely safe when receiving an erotic massage.

Happy ending massage is a ultra-safe and completely legal service. It’s time the world starts to realise that two adults are able to conduct business in any form they want. We all love skin-to-skin contact, whether that being on our neck, back or shoulders or more intimate zones – it really is that simple. Now we’ve eased your concerns, why not take the plunge and book your very first happy ending massage? Here at Naturist we offer the superior bodywork for incall and outcall across Central London, starting as little as £120. Our professional, seductive and gorgeous oriental therapists can’t wait to get their hands on you and tantalise you with their sensational talents. Happy ending may get you a little bit naughty, but you be rest assured the cops aren’t going to interrupt your mesmerising massage.


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