Why a Four Hands massage is both a Trick and a Treat

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Why a Four Hands massage is both a Trick and a Treat

The leaves are turning orange, the evenings are darker and there are carved pumpkins looming the streets of London… you know what that means? It is Halloween. Here at Naturist Paradise we love all things spooky and exciting as all of our masseuses are daredevils when it comes to trying new things, especially in the bedroom.

Our “Four Hands” massage package offers our customers some festive fun as you can experience both the trick and treat element throughout one of these sessions.

We decided to speak to one of our most highly rated and popular masseuses Yuki, who specialises in Four Hands massage therapy, to help you get a better understanding on the training that goes into being a four hands masseuse and what you should expect when you get one.

“Growing up in a city in japan, where Asian erotic massage therapy is highly popular, I always felt as if it was my calling to become a masseuse. I initially started training as a therapeutic massage therapist at a local spa, learning the entire basis of massage therapy and the best ways to relax and relieve the body, extorting any muscle pain or tension from my customers. Once I was fully equipped with the correct skill and knowledge in traditional massage therapy, I started working at an erotic parlour in Tokyo. It was here that I was able to perfect my craft and break into the industry, soon becoming a highly popular and sought after customer.

Before I performed my first four hands massage, I trained for many months with other masseuses who were highly qualified in this massage style. Working alongside other successful masseuse enabled me learn exactly how it should be done and how to provide my customers with maximum levels of pleasure. Although it is quite a challenging style of massage to perform, it is very rewarding to witness your client experience rushes of pleasure

A four hands massage can be performed be either both masseuses working on two different areas of the body at the same time or by working on the same area in a synchronised motion; this is completely up to the customer. One of the most important aspects of a four hands massage is the communication between both of the masseuses. Once we have built a good working relationship with one another, then the session will feel better and more enjoyable for the client.

Now I work as an erotic masseuse right in the heart of London, and it always fun during festive periods such as Halloween and Christmas because we offer special packages for our customers. For an extra fee, two masseuses can truly get into the Halloween spirit for you and dress up in role play as whatever you like. Whether you want a sexy cheerleader rubbing your back while a sensual nurse pays some special attention to your intimate area, our four hands package has got you covered this October.”

If you would like to book a spooky and sexy massage session this Halloween, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via SMS, email or by landline. Our stunning masseuses work daily from 10 am until 3am, therefore no matter how early in the morning or late into the night it is, our gorgeous babes will be there to tend to your every need and desire.

Our masseuses have been carefully handpicked based on their beauty and hard work within their profession. Hailing from China, Japan and Korea, you will always experience a 100% genuine and authentic oriental massage session with our Asian angels. They have been highly trained at some of the most elite massage schools across Asia and we are delighted to have them work for our company in London, providing the gentlemen of London with a 5* experience.

Their gifted touch matched with their angelic, model-like features will send shivers down your smile while they rub and caress you in sweet harmony. You will truly feel like a kid in a candy shop when selecting two masseuses you want for your session. Whether you prefer petite, tall, slim or curvy, young or mature… we will have a stunning lady who matches your desires.


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